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Deerom is a trusted Django CMS development company with a focus on time-bound project delivery while not compromising on quality.

Django cms company in india

Django CMS is an open-source content management system, and has a lightweight core, which makes it easy to implement it and integrate with existing systems and other popular applications. This is the reason why it is very popular with content managers, content editors, and website administrators. It is also popular among web developers as it can seamlessly be integrated with other applications, and it also brings many tools with it which enable developers to create brand new compatible apps

Why us .?

Not everyone has the technical knowledge and the time to be able to build customized, effective websites. Content Management Systems are web-based applications like django cms Deerom has the skills and the experience to use content management systems in order to create excellent websites that are not only beautiful and intuitive, but ideal for your particular business and situation. Our engineers and programmers have large amounts of experience with many different systems, and can create a website that is prepared to deliver great content quickly and without issues that can arise with in-house website creation. When you choose Deerom to build your website through content management systems, and you will see how easy it is to publish, update, and maintain content on a website that is modern and professional. Outsourcing your content management system requirements to us is the perfect way to optimize your website budget, and create a great website at a minimum of cost.

Product Highlights


Being built on Django and Python, Django CMS boasts of maximum web security features, and this is the reason why many banks and organisations for whom security is top-most priority use it.

Admin UI

Django CMS has a great user interface. The admin UI of Django CMS is clutter-free and is cleaner and better than that of official Django’s, and even a new user won’t have any difficulties in getting used to it.


Django CMS uses the Django template system, which means it is easy to integrate an existing Django project with the Django CMS. Creating new templates are also easy with a little learning curve.

Publisher Tools

With its plethora of integrated tools, Django CMS makes publishing simple. Besides the easy content editing feature (just a double click), it also handles menu hierarchy, structure and page creation..


Django CMS has exceptional documentation just like Django. The large community of Django CMS supported by enthusiastic developers provide a good amount of plugins, which makes working with Django CMS even easier.


Many a custom web applications can easily be integrated in the Django CMS, which makes it easily extensible. Also a Django CMS site can be upgraded many years into the future.


Django CMS is multilingual by default. Since it is created for multilingual publishing, it is an ideal option for businesses that has operations in multiple countries where the need for websites in multiple language is imperative..

Simple & Robust

The main attraction of the Django CMS is its simplicity of functions but it is also quite robust and this is the reason why many big brand and organisations like L’Oreal, National Geography and Parrot among others have opted to use it.
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