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DeeRom offer clients with the most flexible ERP consulting solutions that help business to reach new heights. So if you want to experience the spectacular ERP consulting services, contact us to know more.

Best ERP Consulting in India

We Provide the best and successful ERP implementation by starting with an ERP consulting partner offering a comprehensive range of essential services, from ERP selection, to business change management, ERP customization and integration, to training and strategic planning.

Why us .?

If you’ve been relying on an outdated ERP system or a small-scale off-the-shelf product, you may have been getting by fine – and you may well be able to continue hobbling along. But by running your business on ERP software that’s not aligned to your needs and objectives, you are every day infusing inefficiencies into your operations.
DeeRom always remain proactive in helping the clients to take advantage of the changing economic culture with the custom ERP software solutions. We aim to deliver a proven, comprehensive financial solution that is required by every complex business to grow and flourish. We takes your business beyond the traditional software while streamlining the operations across the entire organization.
Our Consulting on ERP has a proven track record of delivering on-time and under-budget projects. Our management team and consultants have decades of experience in industry specific consulting, product development, staff augmenting, new implementations, upgrades, optimizations, and support initiatives, that enable us to provide our clients with the best user and customer experience possible.
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