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Software Testing

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Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance Process is important in any organization. In IT solutions firm, it just becomes more important due to the severity of the task at hand. Software development is not a field, where errors are an important part of the progress.We have a blend of Highly Well-versed Software Engineers & experienced Testing team ready for Support, Integrate & Product Testing.

How does testing works?

Testing is a process and cannot be done without a plan or structured execution. We follow a certain process and adhere to it.
The first major step is preparation. We consult with our development team and prepare the necessary test plan. All the test plan are created according to the SRS and eventually we develop all possible test scenarios.
Test Execution:
With the plan settled, we move towards real testing. The tests are executed in a controlled environment and various software testing methodologies are used to ensure a better quality of testing.
Reporting Bugs:
The next step is to enter bug reports in the system for tracking and resolving purposes. The bug fixes are reported to the development team and the changes are made accordingly.
Fixing Bugs:
For us, this last step is our salvation. The detection of bugs is important, but fixing them and making sure that no new bugs enter the system is what makes us unique.
We do the testing process several times during development to make sure that error propagation is minimal and doesn't require us to change a hefty amount of code to make improvements.
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